Saturday, May 4, 2013

BB45: A Summary of Reports and Bulletins From the Desk of our Righteous and Confident Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Democratic Process of the Enlightened Republic

Attention Comrades!

In the course of your days, you may or may not have seen the following bulletin posted in your democratic sector:

In a socially-driven game environment such as EVE Online’s, everyone has an agenda. CCP promotes its products and has an army of volunteers to do the same; corporations and alliances deliver entertaining recruitment drives, CSM election candidates solicit for voter favour, bloggers and podcasters opine to their audiences.

In this intricate web of communication, influence and control, what part does propaganda play in your game?

On behalf of your local Politburo, we bring you the following important messages from the Enlightened members of the Board of Democratic Process, and from the desk of our beloved Chairman himself. Do not panic. Everything is under control.

-Minister Rixx Javix wishes to inform the Republic that he is honored to continue his life's work in bringing the Truth to his brothers and sisters of New Eden. He assures you that any of the work he produces is completed with only the purest and most honorable intentions.

-Inquisitor Bagehi wishes to announce that he has made significant advances in the crusade for impartiality in the Presses. The pen is mightier than the sword and our Dear Brother wields it deftly on our behalf.

-Brother Tetra states he is unfamiliar with the rumors surrounding propaganda appearing in New Eden. He has, however, successfully quelled an incursion in the Amarrian empire.

- Our Ardent Defender flatly denies any accusations of pursuing a personal agenda in the administration of his duties. He has ensured our Chairman these accusations are baseless, and that his detractors will be dealt with summarily.

-Professor Orakkus re-affirms to the republic that ALL citizens are in fact participating in the activities of the Committee for Truth. Pay no attention to those comrades wishing to deceive you. They are, in fact, engaged in our campaigns.

-Brother DaiTengu invites you to recall the memory of our fallen comrade RoyOfCA who's work in the Politburo in advancing the dissemination of Truth to the Unenlightened Comrades of Feythabolis shall never be forgotten.

-Minister Drackarn reminds you that your daily existence may contain more weapons in the fight for the spread of Truth than you realize. Look around you, Brothers and Sisters; your arms are but waiting to be taken up.

-In a bulletin from the front, Generalissimo Kuan Yida reports success in the campaign against our deceitful enemies, using new tools made available by the Ministry of Science and Democratic Computing and is prepared to report on their effectiveness.

-The Esteemed Dr. Azalean Ladder has divined multiple avenues along which the Truth may travel, and is now capable of describing them to our comrades for self-improvement.

-In other scientific news, Dr. Da Dom has clarified his position on Truth with regards to psychology and passive dissemination. Far from shrinking from the challenges of his peers, Dr. Da Dom has embraced the opportunity to advance his agenda on behalf of the Good.

-Comrade Sugar Kyle wishes to offer sympathies to those who have fallen victim to the Great Deceivers, and has outlined their methodologies so that other Brothers and Sisters will not be similarly afflicted.

-Our Beloved Sister Emergent Patroller has prepared for us a report of the most dastardly deeds performed by our sworn enemies in the name of advancing their Conspiracy of Deception and Anarchy. It has been made available to all dear Comrades, so long as they have the strength to digest such despicable acts.

-Comrade Samwise Potato is pleased to offer a celebration of the use of Television to deliver messages of Truth to the Republic, and the resulting effortlessness with which Truth is diffused throughout New Eden.

-That our Dear Comrades may more effectively spread the Glorious Truth to the Unenlightened, Minister Splatus has made available a primer on the Anatomy and Physiology of Truth and its viability in the minds of the Deceived.

-Counselor Harkconnan has authored a recollection of a particularly effective Truth campaign that freed him from the shackles of Unenlightenment. This manual can be used as an example in the daily lives of our Brothers and Sisters.

-Be vigilant, Brothers and Sisters! Every action you take is an action perceived by not only your Cherished Comrades, but also by the Deceivers and the Unenlightened. Minister Azual Skoll asks you to be mindful of the impact you have on others, and of their influence on your allegiance.

-Dr. TurAmarth ElRandir of the Ministry of Pyschological Preparedness has devised a test to be taken by all comrades to evaluate their capacity for disseminating the Words of Truth as well as their ability to resist the ploys of the Great Deceivers. All members of the Republic are to complete this test and return it to their Municipal Superintendents at once.

-Minister Poetic Stanizel has curated a private collection of "Truth-Diffusing Visual Aids" and has made it available to all of our Brothers and Sisters in exultation of the Glory of the Republic.

-Based on his successes in Molden Heath, Councilman Miura Bull has prepared and released words of Wisdom and Insight to those Brothers and Sisters who wish to advance the cause of Truth through the use of Visual Truth Diffusion Aids.

-For those Comrades wishing to make a difference within the Politburo itself, Inquisitor Ripard Teg has made available insights gained whilst seeking office and at home in his native Syndicate district. Also, a brief reminder that this season's polling has concluded and the results have been tabulated and published by the Ministry of Mathematical Veracity. A special congratulations on Inquisitor Teg's selection to the Council.

-Minister Kirith Kodachi, having recently undone some damage inflicted by the Great Deceivers on some of our own Dear Brothers and Sisters, has publicly reminded everyone to trust only what the Committee and your Beloved Chairman have deigned to be free of Deception. Please view all other messages with your appropriate skepticism.

-Comrade John Purcell has published his own dissections of effective Truth Messaging and blatant attempts to deceive and obscure such information.

-Inquisitor Alikchi, in the best interests of our students of Visual Truth Diffusion has assembled a combination history lesson/survey of critical elements essential to any successful Visual Truth Diffusion campaign.

-For our Dear Brothers and Sisters who wish to donate a bit of their Charitable Time to the cause of Truth, Lieutenant Lukas Rox has prepared a quick instructional on how to create effective Truth Spreading Messages in their very own home. Remember that all Homecraft must be submitted to Municipal Superintendents to ensure accuracy before Dissemination.

-Professor Mike Azariah recently shared a parable from behind the lectern illustrating the use of Truth Dissemination in political endeavours. It is his wish that the Message will resonate loudly within the minds of the Enlightened Republic. Again, a special congratulations due to Professor Azariah on his selection to the Council this season.

-Dear Brother Harrigan Vonstudly has drafted an advisory to all Comrades reminding them that even the vessels they board are a choice that can be influenced positively by the Enlightened Republic or disadvantageously by the Loyalists of Deception. Ask yourself: What Would the Beloved Chairman Do?

-Counselor Rhavas of the Ministry of the Press recently spoke to members of the Youth Republic and discussed the role of the Enlightened Press in sowing the seeds of Truth in the fertile minds of our Cherished Comrades.

-Finally, dear Comrades, Professor Mark726 has created a destination and travel guide with regards to the Forerunner of the Ministry of Truth, The Counter-Intelligence Center of Orvolle. Breathtaking in its scope and design, the center must be seen to be fully appreciated.

That is all at this time, Cherished Comrades. On behalf of your local Municipal Superintendants, the Ministry of Truth, and the Comittee for the Democratic Process of the Enlightened Republic, I wish you a good night's rest, that we may all do our best work for the Chairman tomorrow.

Comrade Firstly signing off.

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